They Will Hunt You


As a macro investment shop our focus is on the big picture. We look for the themes that will shape markets and often history. We all know the Middle East is unstable, we all know the U.S. elections today are a disaster today regardless of who wins, we all know that we are consuming resources on Earth far too fast. What you may not know is that you are about to participate in a sport you didn’t choose to join. You are going to be hunted. Did you spill your espresso as you read that?

Welcome to the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard (CRS),  a modern day witch hunt and the biggest assault on privacy that no one is talking about.

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Solar subsidies vs oil subsidies

If you’re not yet contacting your congressman about energy policy you are asleep at the wheel. Let me break this down. Oil is a subsidized business. Fact. OPEC is a cartel run predominantly by government owned oil companies. Fact. Oil is trading below the price of production for most countries including many that continue to pump it at a loss. Fact. Read more