A boutique asset management firm based in Grand Cayman.  We excel at navigating clients through today’s complex regulatory environment and global investment landscape. We focus deeply on privacy and wealth preservation in a world of increasing transparency and taxation. Our services include Investment Management, International Estate Planning, and Government Advisory. Our clients are global financial institutions, family offices, high net worth individuals, with international financial affairs, and governments. Our philosophy is that results and execution are always the make or break difference for success. We believe in being efficient.



GMI is the investment across markets and instruments that present the best opportunity, based on the analysis of factors such as interest rates, government policies, flow of funds, and other. With over 150 global markets, global macro stands alone in its ability to diversify investments.


Our goal is to help protect and enhance your legacy. We design and implement International Life Insurance Solutions for your specific needs that provide full control, tax deferrals, asset protection, unmatched privacy, and flexibility.


Governments need reliable and actionable advice on macroeconomic policies. Most governments rely on advice from academics and input from the private sector. The solution we provide our government clients is a 360° view of the risks and opportunities with no biases and no conflicts of interest.


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Our promise to you is that we are focused on preserving your wealth and growing it through all types of market conditions.

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We are exceptionally creative in our investing, estate planning, and advisory services yet conservative in our execution. This balance is why clients seek us out.

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Most private banks and wealth management firms make products to sell clients. We create transparent, client aligned solutions. We serve you with zero conflicts of interest. Ever.

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There is no substitute for experience. It is the common thread that unites us and our clients. You have used your cumulative life experiences to generate your wealth, and we use ours to preserve and grow it.


Our founders are unique for having global macro investment expertise while simultaneously being leaders in cutting-edge international estate planning. We follow a top-down analytical approach to understand today’s complex investment landscape across multiple asset classes. We excel at solving complex problems and our firm has built its reputation among discerning families for creating proprietary solutions to maintain privacy and maximize global tax efficiency.


We do not believe in allocating money to other investment managers. Most multi-family offices have little investing talent on staff and if they do, they focus on generic long-only investment strategies. We practice one style: Global Macro. Our belief is that Global Macro is the most creative,  opportunistic and adaptive investment strategy. Furthermore, we believe that liquid investments across asset classes present far more opportunity and better risk control than any other method of investing. The only constant in life is change. Doesn’t it make sense to have an investment strategy designed for that?


Since our inception we have been advocates for the environment and all its inhabitants. We care about our planet and its future. In our view climate change is the single largest risk to humanity. There is no larger nor more important global macro theme than healing the planet. We actively invest in companies that are steering us to a more sustainable world and we short the equities of companies that are destroying it. Furthermore we advise governments on the macroeconomic policies that improve sustainability while simultaneously increasing socioeconomic equality.


Most risk is experienced after the fact. Whether planning for the distribution of wealth after a family member has passed or making a key investment, it is mission critical to be proactive and anticipate changes. Our competitors handle client problems in reactive mode. We work to prevent problems from ever happening.


We want to positively influence key decision makers anywhere they give us the opportunity. Whether that’s a food executive whose family is our client and he is thinking about the bold leap to switch the company to organic foods or a government that wants to improve the economy of their country in sustainable and innovative ways, we want to help make the change happen.


Our diverse team is driven by our expertise in cross-border tax and privacy issues. Our investment approach is very different from other MFO’s because we do not behave as asset allocators. We operate like hedge fund managers with a single style focus of global macro. Everything we do is by careful design.

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David Dorr

Managing Principal

David has 20 years of experience working at the crossroads of insurance and capital markets. He is considered an expert in cross-border structuring and capital flows. David helps clients understand global trends and how to navigate them

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Brian Dorr

Managing Principal

Brian is considered a pioneer in offshore insurance and investment vehicle structuring. He was the co-founder of the first electronic trading platform for life insurance. Brian brings his unique experience to the table to solve clients most complex problems

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Camilo Uribe

Partner Colombia

Camilo is an experienced professional in international insurance and also a licensed attorney in Colombia. With over two decades of financial and legal experience, he brings extensive expertise to the firm and its clients

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Fabian Graff

Board Advisor

Fabian has an extensive background in finance and commercial real estate. As a tri-lingual entrepreneur from Belgium Fabian is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable international real estate experts in Miami. Fabian also holds the CCIM designation

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Anna Milaeva

Chief of Staff

Anna has more than 10 years of experience in the administration and management of new companies and emerging businesses. She earned a BA in International Relations and a Master’s in International Business from Florida International University

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Daniela Ramirez

Senior Associate

Daniela is a bilingual multidisciplinary professional with over 6 years of experience in strategic planning, corporate finance, internal controls, and investment management. She excels in project financing, valuation, and financial modeling