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How Clear is
Your Vision?

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We are an investment management and advisory firm based in Grand Cayman that focuses on global macroeconomics. We believe that an expert understanding of global macroeconomics is the single most important factor to manage risk and drive returns in today’s global markets. Whether today’s issues are pandemics, trade wars, climate change, or currency crises; all of these themes are under the umbrella of global macroeconomic analysis. Investment strategies built on global macroeconomic analysis, known as global macro, are far more robust than traditional investment strategies because they identify risks earlier and are more diversified across asset classes. These investment strategies have a powerful additional advantage – the flexibility to make investment positions that benefit from rising market prices as well as falling market prices. It is no wonder that global macro investing is considered the most adaptive investment strategy and admired for its ability to protect wealth and deliver returns through all market conditions.



Our investment strategy is exclusively driven by global macroeconomics. This allows us to adapt to any market conditions and provides us the flexibility to invest across a wide variety of liquid asset classes such as equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, and futures. We make investment decision based on numerous factors such as foreign policy, global interest rates, energy prices, and many other global data inputs.


We help our clients navigate complex cross-border issues related to their investment portfolios. Investing globally and safeguarding assets has never been more complex. We design innovative structures to protect assets and improve cost efficiencies for investments that span multiple jurisdictions.


Governments need reliable and actionable advice on macroeconomic policies. Most governments rely on advice from academics and input from the private sector. Our firm has spent over twenty years analyzing various macroeconomic policies while placing capital at risk based on our predictive outcome modeling.







Our commitment to you is to preserve your capital and grow it through all types of market conditions.


We are exceptionally creative in our investing, cross-border structuring, and sovereign advisory services yet conservative in our execution. This balance is why clients seek us out to deliver them the best solutions.


Most investment management firms make products to sell clients. We create transparent, client aligned solutions. Our firm is a meritocracy. We serve you with zero conflicts of interest. Ever.


There is no substitute for experience. It is the common thread that unites us and our clients. You have used your cumulative life experience to generate capital, and we use our experience to preserve and grow that capital .

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Our founders are unique for having global macro asset management expertise while simultaneously being leaders in cutting-edge cross-border structuring. We follow a top-down analytical approach to understand today’s complex investment landscape across multiple asset classes. We excel at solving complex problems and our firm has built its reputation among discerning families for creating proprietary solutions to maintain privacy and maximize global tax efficiency.

Meet Our Team

Our diverse team has decades of experience in institutional trading, sovereign advisory and complex cross-border structuring. We manage all portfolios in-house where our risk management systems have been custom built over 25 years to better protect downside risks and maximize upside opportunities.

David Dorr
Managing Principal
David Dorr
Managing Principal

David has 25 years of experience working at the crossroads of global capital markets, sovereign advisory and international cross-border structuring. He is considered an expert in global macroeconomic analysis. David helps clients understand global trends and the risks and opportunities those trends represent.

Brian Dorr
Managing Principal
Brian Dorr
Managing Principal

Brian is considered a pioneer in offshore insurance and investment vehicle structuring. He was the co-founder of the first electronic trading platform for life insurance. Brian brings his unique experience to the table to solve clients most complex problems and has been involved in portfolio management for nearly 20 years.

Camilo Uribe
Managing Partner Colombia
Camilo Uribe
Managing Partner Colombia

Camilo is an experienced professional in international insurance and also a licensed attorney in Colombia. With over two decades of financial and legal experience, he brings extensive expertise to the firm and its clients.

Anna Milaeva
Senior Vice President
Anna Milaeva
Senior Vice President

Anna was the Chief Operations Officer for 8 years at one of the most successful Latam family offices in Miami. She earned a BA in International Relations and a Master’s in International Business from Florida International University.

Timeless Investment Strategy

Our belief is that Global Macro is the most creative, opportunistic and adaptive investment strategy. Furthermore, we believe that liquid investments across asset classes present far more opportunities and better risk control than any other method of investing. The only constant in life is change. Doesn’t it make sense to have an investment strategy designed for that?

Social Responsibility

Since our inception we have been advocates for the protection of the environment and all its inhabitants. We care about our planet and its future. In our view climate change is the single largest risk to humanity. There is no larger nor more important Global Macro theme than achieving global sustainability. We actively invest in companies that are steering us to a more sustainable world and we short equities and bonds of companies that are destroying it.

Risk Management Is In Our DNA

Risk management is at the foundation of everything that we do. The world is a rapidly changing place and without taking risk there are no gains, however, the management of risk is paramount to preserving capital and growing it long term.

We Drive Change

ESG and impact investing are the two fastest growing sectors of the investing world right now. We have been thought leaders, writing articles and speaking about sustainable investing since the day our firm was founded. To us sustainable investing is at its heart a Global Macro theme and the solution to financial and environmental sustainability requires policies at the macroeconomic level. As part of our sovereign advisory services we provide governments with pro-bono advice on strategies to drive sustainable economies. In our portfolios we have deployed capital in innovative ways to support ESG and impact investing’s effectiveness.

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