Dorr Asset Management SEZC manages assets on behalf of clients in separate managed accounts. Client accounts are custodied with Interactive Brokers LLC. We chose Interactive Brokers because they have direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, fixed income, and ETFs in 125 markets around the world. Interactive Brokers also has award winning trading technology and over 41 years of automating back-end processes. Their strong capital position, conservative balance sheet and automated risk controls help us protect our clients.

The minimum amount required to open an account with us is $1,000,000 USD. Account balances and brokerage statements are reported in USD.

Accounts managed by us are managed on a fully discretionary basis which means that 100% of the investment decisions within the account are made by us and clients are not permitted to trade their accounts. Clients may deposit and withdraw funds anytime without any restrictions from us.

Our firm does not charge any asset management fees and does not mark-up nor receive any remuneration from Interactive Brokers. We charge a 20% performance fee only which is calculated and deducted quarterly by Interactive Brokers. As part of the account opening process clients are required to sign our Investment Management Agreement (IMA). Within the IMA you will find additional important details on risk disclosures and how our fees are calculated.

Please be advised that Dorr Asset Management SEZC is not a registered investment advisor with the SEC nor a commodity trading advisor with the CFTC and as such does not provide asset management services to U.S. persons. There may be restrictions on providing our services in other jurisdictions as well. Please consult with a legal advisor from your country of citizenship and/or residency to determine whether you may use an offshore investment manager.

If you have further questions regarding the account opening process before beginning please feel free to contact us at