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Author: Dorr Asset

Are swiss private banks safe?

The majestic Matterhorn is one of those iconic images of the alps that we all identify with Switzerland. The mountain signifies strength, security, and longevity. It’s not surprising then that images of the Matterhorn are often used in marketing material from Switzerland’s largest private banks.

When pigs fly

We grew up in Missouri in the middle of the United States and where we were surrounded by farmers. When someone in our town would say something incredulous like, “I can slam dunk like Michael Jordan.” We’d say “Yeah right when pigs fly!” Well, it

Forget J Balvin – the real super star is J Powell

Welcome to this Sunday evening’s edition of Macro Markets where we filter the global financial noise to deliver you the intel that matters and what matters this week is moving crowds like a reggaeton super star. J Balvin is the king of reggaeton, selling millions

If Evel Knievel Were a Banker

“Mind the gap” was a phrase first used on the London Underground to warn metro rail passengers to be cautious of the space between the station platform and the train door. For anyone that has ever ridden a subway this spacial awareness comes second nature

Internal pressures in the US threaten privacy for all

Slowly but surely, one by one, traditional secrecy jurisdictions like Panama, Cayman Islands, and British Virgin Islands have succumbed to international criticism regarding the anonymity that the laws of these countries provide to citizens all over the world. Many destinations once known for providing privacy

What I did while on Ambien

I thought Ambien would help me sleep. Instead I urinated all over my computer. I spoke with pirates. I rode my mattress like a flying carpet having an air race with my imaginary friends. Those are just a few of the things the sleep deprived

They Will Hunt You

As a macro investment shop our focus is on the big picture. We look for the themes that will shape markets and often history. We all know the Middle East is unstable, we all know the U.S. elections today are a disaster today regardless of

Discipline, Meditation, and Psychic Powers

I’m compelled after receiving so many phone calls yesterday from clients and friends to write what I believe may be my most important post. Markets globally plummeted yesterday. Some of you spoke to me Sunday night when I had cancelled social engagements to stay at

Take that copper!

It’s hard not to be excited about the fall in copper prices today, over 5% and dropping as I write. Take a look at the carnage!  

The Hangover Starts Tomorrow

If you haven’t seen the movie series the Hangover and in need of a good laugh I suggest renting any of them on Netflix right away. The series is essentially about some buddies that party way too hard during each other’s bachelor parties and wake