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Macro Markets

It takes two to tango

To all our Latam readers we’re going to admit up front that we’re jealous. You’re all naturally good dancers. We’re not saying we’re bad at dancing but…ok, yeah we’re bad compared to you.To be a good dancer, there are a couple of key tenets for

You’ve been tagged

One of our favorite games growing up as kids was laser tag. Since laser tag was less painful than paintballs it made it safe for the whole family to play, and as a family, we played a lot. Our grandma, by the way, had the

More difficult than the Tour de France

Colombia has much to celebrate this week. Egan Bernal has honored his country by delivering Colombia its first Tour de France victory. For those that follow the world of cycling, you know how grueling the Tour de France course can be. Long uphill climbs through

The fall of the last orchid

Orchids are considered worldwide to be an exotic flower. They can only be found in specific tropical climates and in the absence of nearly perfect conditions they cannot grow and will die. Sadly it appears that economic freedom is becoming as delicate and rare as

Are swiss private banks safe?

The majestic Matterhorn is one of those iconic images of the alps that we all identify with Switzerland. The mountain signifies strength, security, and longevity. It’s not surprising then that images of the Matterhorn are often used in marketing material from Switzerland’s largest private banks.

When pigs fly

We grew up in Missouri in the middle of the United States and where we were surrounded by farmers. When someone in our town would say something incredulous like, “I can slam dunk like Michael Jordan.” We’d say “Yeah right when pigs fly!” Well, it

Forget J Balvin – the real super star is J Powell

Welcome to this Sunday evening’s edition of Macro Markets where we filter the global financial noise to deliver you the intel that matters and what matters this week is moving crowds like a reggaeton super star. J Balvin is the king of reggaeton, selling millions