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The Repo Man Cometh

Remember the gangster Paulie from Goodfellas? He’d be your partner and provide protection but it came at a cost. There’s a great scene where the character Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta, sums up how it works to be Paulie’s partner. "Now the guy's got

When pigs fly 2

A few months back we wrote an article titled, When pigs fly. In that article we postulated that the supply/demand imbalance in pork was going to see extremes that haven’t existed in decades. If you haven’t read that first article it's worth taking a moment to

A ripple in a black pond

Whether you like it or not your life revolves around oil. Author Thom Hartmann refers to oil as “ancient sunlight” due to it being made from plants and animals compressed under our soil and oceans for millions of years. When you gas up your tank

Welcome to Thunderdome

Your summer vacation is over which means your lazy portfolio has been kicked off the beach along with the few remaining drunk tourists. Get sober, buckle up and get ready to enter Thunderdome! If you don’t know what Thunderdome is, then think of it as

Radioactive half-life of a tweet

We don’t have any nuclear physicists on staff here at Dorr Asset Management but we do recall learning somewhere in school that radioactive material has a halflife that gets exponentially smaller.   President Trump’s tweets of positive news are turning out to have a similar

Hip hop loves platinum and so should you

  “Who you drive, platinum cars, who you pull, platinum starsDo you write, platinum bars, platinum teeth, inside your jawsDiamond gon' rock my platinum wrist, platinum toilet to take a ishGold is gold, and platinum is happenin so, wodie watch this” - lyrics from Platinum Starz  

It takes two to tango

To all our Latam readers we’re going to admit up front that we’re jealous. You’re all naturally good dancers. We’re not saying we’re bad at dancing but…ok, yeah we’re bad compared to you.To be a good dancer, there are a couple of key tenets for

You’ve been tagged

One of our favorite games growing up as kids was laser tag. Since laser tag was less painful than paintballs it made it safe for the whole family to play, and as a family, we played a lot. Our grandma, by the way, had the

More difficult than the Tour de France

Colombia has much to celebrate this week. Egan Bernal has honored his country by delivering Colombia its first Tour de France victory. For those that follow the world of cycling, you know how grueling the Tour de France course can be. Long uphill climbs through

The fall of the last orchid

Orchids are considered worldwide to be an exotic flower. They can only be found in specific tropical climates and in the absence of nearly perfect conditions they cannot grow and will die. Sadly it appears that economic freedom is becoming as delicate and rare as