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Is Missouri the next Venezuela?

I can’t believe I just typed that title. I’m from Missouri, born and raised. I’m also the co-founder of Luz Para Venezuela a non-profit focused on reducing conflict in Venezuela. Unless you live in Miami with its vibrant population of Venezuelans you’d be forgiven for

Carbon Dioxide Levels Unsustainably High

Can we imagine a different future? Bloomberg is out today with this article These are not the world records humanity wants to be setting.

Food Stamps

Entirely different from how we think about food stamps in the United States. In Venezuela food stamps are quite literal.

Venezuela and Argentina may not survive the month

Today Argentina’s government debt which is due to mature in 2015 collapsed as the market went nearly bidless sending rates up to 19%. The debt was trading close to par only 30 days ago. The problems plaguing Argentina are nothing new. They have been following

The Challenges of Government Run Marketplaces

The news outlets have been buzzing about the collosal failiar of the U.S. government’s new website and with good reason. It is estimated that the new site has nearly 500 million lines of code! That’s an incredible number. To put things in perspective the Mars