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  • To navigate clients through the complexity of cross-border structuring with innovative and efficient solutions.
  • To preserve privacy while meeting international regulatory requirements for disclosure and reporting.
  • To preserve wealth over multiple generations.
  • To leave a legacy to heirs and charitable foundations.


  • Global tax laws have changed more in the last decade than they have in the last 100 years. The use of big data and multilateral sharing agreements between governments has placed law-abiding high net-worth citizens in a situation where they find their security compromised by corrupt governments and members of organized crime. Furthermore, overlapping tax laws have placed wealthy families in a predicament where they find their wealth being taxed twice or even three times depending on where family members live around the world. Due to our firm’s background in global macro we do extraordinary deep level research to model regulatory trend paths and share their impacts with clients before they happen. On average we are 7 years ahead of the cross-border structuring communities in our designs. Our proactive approach allows us to build estate plans for clients that are much more comprehensive and long-lasting.