We do not believe in allocating money to other investment managers. Most multi-family offices have little investing talent on staff and if they do, they focus on generic long-only investment strategies. We practice one style: Global Macro. Our belief is that Global Macro is the most creative,  opportunistic and adaptive investment strategy. Furthermore, we believe that liquid investments across asset classes present far more opportunity and better risk control than any other method of investing. The only constant in life is change. Doesn’t it make sense to have an investment strategy designed for that?


Since our inception, we have been advocates for the environment and all its inhabitants. We care about our planet and its future. In our view, climate change is the single largest risk to humanity. There is no larger nor more important global macro theme than healing the planet. We actively invest in companies that are steering us to a more sustainable world and we short the equities of companies that are destroying it. Furthermore, we advise governments on the macroeconomic policies that improve sustainability while simultaneously increasing socioeconomic equality.


Most risk is experienced after the fact. Whether planning for the distribution of wealth after a family member has passed or making a key investment, it is mission critical to be proactive and anticipate changes. Our competitors handle client problems in reactive mode. We work to prevent problems from ever happening.


We want to positively influence key decision makers anywhere they give us the opportunity. Whether that’s a food executive whose family is our client and he is thinking about the bold leap to switch the company to organic foods or a government that wants to improve the economy of their country in sustainable and innovative ways, we want to help make the change happen.