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You’ve been tagged

One of our favorite games growing up as kids was laser tag. Since laser tag was less painful than paintballs it made it safe for the whole family to play, and as a family, we played a lot. Our grandma, by the way, had the highest number of tags or “kills” as we called them. Grandma taught us that just because you’re in your golden years doesn’t mean you can’t be deadly. Lesson learned, don’t mess with grandma.

Today laser tag takes a more serious tone. For our regular readers here and on our Telegram channel you know that we have been focused on the growing protests in Hong Kong and its impact for both the region and the globe. Protestors in Hong Kong have found lasers an effective way to prevent facial recognition surveillance systems from monitoring them and now the police are using lasers as well.

Check out this video from youtube showing the lasers in action.


Sunday in Hong Kong flights were canceled and other points of transportation brought to a halt. The Chinese flag was also taken down and thrown in Hong Kong’s harbor. A reward of 1 million Hong Kong dollars is being offered to identify the person that did it. Is it any surprise then that protestors are using lasers to defeat facial recognition cameras from Beijing?

Protests in Hong Kong weren’t the only thing taking place while most of us in the West enjoyed our Sunday evening. China also decided to let its currency depreciate to offset U.S. tariffs. This caused an enormous move in their currency, the yuan. 

Such a move is a big development because the U.S. Treasury has now labeled China a currency manipulator which means that trade negotiations are going from bad to worse. Hong Kong felt this pain immediately Sunday night as seen in the chart below.


While politicians in Washington D.C. and Beijing both argue about whose currency should be stronger they should both take a moment and look at their currencies priced against gold. In U.S. dollars gold is at almost $1,500 per ounce and in yuan 10,295 per ounce. This is a BIG deal! There is an enormous amount of debt with negative yields as we’ve reported previously and markets have been at all-time highs. We are witnessing a breakdown in financial markets that will be of epic proportions. As investors realize that the multi-trillion-dollar bond market does not offer them a safe place to put their money, where do you think they will put it? Gold.

We firmly believe the rotation into gold is just beginning, which is why our family office co-founded Hash Labs, a fintech company building the first-ever globally regulated, cross-border payment system called Coro that allows customers to send, receive, and exchange gold as easily as any other currency. Fintech is a macro trend with enormous potential as financial payments go digital and gold is the trade of the century while old financial systems and fiat currencies break down. If you’d like to learn more about what we’re doing at Hash Labs and Coro just reply to and we’ll get in touch with you.
In the future, don’t be surprised if when you play laser tag you can only pay in gold. And watch out for our grandma. When she talks about enjoying her golden years she’s not talking about her age.